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KOOLFEVER Refreshing Mint -
For fever with a stuffy nose

KOOLFEVER Refreshing Mint can be used for fever with stuffy nose for children. Refreshing mint fragrance helps promote smooth breathing while its cooling effect effectively helps bring down the temperature of the fever for the whole night (up to 8 hours per sheet).

Whole Night Cooling

The cooling sheet’s snug fit prevents it from slipping off even when the wearer toss and turns in bed.

Product Features

Mint fragrance & Natural mint oil
For this product we have formulated an unique fragrance for a refreshing boost.

Mint Fragrance is used as the main active ingredient.
We have blended several natural essencial oils such as mint oil, eucalyptus oil, and rosemary oil which are also often used as the active ingredients in medicinal products for promoting the smooth breathing.

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