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For those 12 years and above

Beat the heat with KOOLFEVER EXTRA COOL. It is ready to use anytime, anywhere, to cool off from the heat with Super- Strong cooling effect. It has 3 times the cooling ingredients compared to KOOLFEVER for Adults, providing Super- Strong cooling and refreshing sensation. It tightly fits to the skin and is not easily displaced with movement. The crisp and cool effect will last for about 4 hours.

Whole Night Cooling

How to apply.

  1. Remove transparent film and tightly affix the gel cooling surface to desired area (for example forehead/ neck/ underarm).

  2. If necessary, cut KOOLFEVER to a suitable size with scissors.

  3. For efficacy and hygiene, use KOOLFEVER only once

For instant relief of heat due to

1. Hot days

2. Cooking

3. Working/ studying

4. Hot and humid nights

5. Fever

6. Headache

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