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Big things come from small ideas

KOOLFEVER’s traces its beginnings to a unique idea from one of our employees.

‘Wouldn’t it be convenient if there was a type of cooling sheet for those with fever that could be placed without it slipping off the forehead?’

Interestingly, there was no such thing as an attachable cooling sheet in the market as yet. It was a simple yet ingenious concept that got us thinking further. We were so intrigued by the possibilities such a product could have for wellbeing of consumers that we decided to put it to the test immediately!

We listen to our customers

The initial phase of developing the product required us to find out from consumers what they did to cool their foreheads when they had a fever.

Many people used wet towels and ice pillows for such a purpose. But they complained that these methods were clumsy and inconvenient, that it would often “slip down from the forehead”, “warmed too quickly with little cooling effect” or were “not easy to use”.

We decided then to produce something that would be readily available for use without having to cool it, would not slip off if the user turned over in bed, and would have a long lasting cooling effect!

Children are our greatest concern

When thinking about who would benefit most from using this product, we immediately thought of children because they tend to develop fevers more easily than adults. This is due to having a relatively undeveloped immune system which makes them more vulnerable to various infections (the most common cause of fevers).

So we started by developing the product specifically for children and their needs. We even measured the surface area of foreheads of the children of our employees!  With such data gathered, we developed the product into a size which would be easy for use on children.

Just like a mother’s gentle touch

The development team focused on how the sheet felt when it was applied to the forehead during a fever.  It was important to avoid any feelings of discomfort. Through much trial and error, we modified the sheet’s weight and considered how it would feel on the skin; while still maintaining considerable moisture within that would not compromise the effectiveness of the product.

The thickness of a fever relief pad

It was a challenge for our team to develop the pad to have just the right thickness. As the thickness of a pad is made up of mostly moisture, it is rather bouncy and would quickly lose shape. It was not easy to mass produce a product which had an even thickness, and that could maintain its thickness during delivery around the world to reach consumers.  This was eventually resolved through innovative modifications to the machines in our plants and also through the use of wrapping paper.


Another factor we considered was achieving the optimum ‘coolness’.  Our development team tested the ‘coolness’ of the pads themselves, to ensure that it was not too cold, but rather provided an optimum level of ‘coolness’ for comfort without reducing its effectiveness in bringing down a fever.

Our committed team members tested the trial products on their own foreheads every day. They became such experts that they say they were even able detect even the smallest changes in the amount of menthol in a cooling sheet!

The experts weigh in!

Our new product was produced through extensive testing to achieve its optimal size, thickness and coolness.  However, it was not yet complete. We held a clinical trial for the trial product to be used in a hospital.  We received various opinions from many standpoints, including hospital doctors, nurses and patients. Their recommendations were implemented to further improve our product.

What would the external testers think?

After much research, technology and effort, we were confident with our final product. However, one hurdle remained before we could put the product on the market.  This was to have external monitors actually use the product and judge it according to factors such as the ease of use and comfort levels. Failure here would mean that no such product would be manufactured. And the results were…


The relief pad scored high marks in the use test!  It was formally decided to put the product on sale.  As this was a completely new type of product, we wondered how we could quickly communicate its merits to the customers viewing it in stores. This is why we selected the “KOOLFEVER” product name, because it could be easily understood.  We also created a “KOOLFEVER” mascot that would appeal to children.

KOOLFEVER hits the market

The long-awaited “KOOLFEVER” was put on the market.  Sales far exceeded the initial expectations, selling out in many stores.  Interestingly, we found out that it was not just being used as a countermeasure for fevers in children; but also as a measure against hot flashes, relief from hot weather, and as a way to ease tiredness and refresh oneself. We now saw the potential in developing a range of product to suit other purposes. And that is how the KOOLFEVER story continues with new challenges as we look forward to developing better products to provide relief for all different needs.

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